Drinking to forget

Recently, we had this family get together (Immediate, extended family, the whole shebang or nine yards if you will). We are a family of social drinkers (some of my relatives are probably bordering on being alcoholics). Everyone of age (sometimes cutting it really close) already know the taste of beer, wine, brandy you name it! … Continue reading Drinking to forget


Quick survey here (well sort of)

I've been thinking of writing something a bit longer than my usual drabbles and I'm torn between writing in English as opposed to using my native language. Honestly, I'm more comfortable writing in English (and have been writing fiction in English since I was a child) but the setting of my (kinda) novel is in … Continue reading Quick survey here (well sort of)

I wish I could drown out the voices of doubts, anxiousness and insecurities I have. My brain replays conversations I've have simultaneously and makes me feel so bloody anxious. I just want it to stop.