Things that give me anxiety

Despite my outward appearance and personality, I have a lot of anxiousness inside. Always worrying, always doubting. These are just a few things that run through my head and giving me anxiety:

•texting someone

•going to a party

•being surrounded by people I am not close to

•worrying over actions or things I have said, wondering if I have offended someone

•eating at the office pantry without my friends

•what people think of me

•decisions I’ve made, always second guessing myself

•wondering if I’ve done the right thing


•posting or commenting on social media

•when things don’t go according to my plans

•when things are uncertain

•correcting someone

•saying a trivia or any tidbit and I end up doubting my self and what I’ve read or seen 

•when someone doesn’t reply when i send them a message (text, pm or whatever) especially if I’ve been seenzoned

•when someone asks me a favor or asks me to do something I always end up feeling that they arent satisfied with the results or they find it inadequate 

•going to the doctors or dentist

•buying something for someone else, worrying if they’ll hate it

•riding with someone in their car and there’s only two of us

•of conversations going awkward

Actually getting the courage to post something here is giving me anxiety already


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