1 vs 5

I was browsing on instagram earlier today and saw someone share this quote: “You never realize how lonely you are until it’s the end of day and you got a bunch if things to talk about and no one to talk to.” As I looked around, I was surrounded by people. By my family. One of them made a comment about a newsclip currently running (it was about an opinion of a politician about something and what not). Not that I think of myself too highly, but I’d like to think I am quite open-minded and liberated in my views. I see things quite differently from my family (they believe everything they read on social media and do not think of history or anything besides what they get at face value and what is being fed to them as right). It is so completely frustrating that I have no one I can share my opinions to. To tell them that this is what I believe. The last time I said my views, logically I might add, they got offended and said, “Why are you getting angry?!”. I was so frustrated by the fact that they were being idotic and short-sighted. They were displaying bigotry thinking they were the only ones who were right. They were being self-righteous.And that made me really sad and alone. 


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