A Broken Kaleidoscope

Dreams are but an illusion. A mere fantasy we strive to reach but never will. If you’re a dreamer, reality will eat you alive, bury you in its deepest pits and let you wallow in darkness for the rest of eternity.

There are very few exceptions that make it out, but quite certainly earned a number of scars for their endevour.

It’s not bad to a dreamer. But never let dreaming consume your entirety. “Dream because reality is harsh”. 

It’s an escape but a select few, the lucky, make dreams become their reality. But some of us aren’t as fortunate. Some are blessed enough to find their paths at an early point in their life. Some get a hard shove at life. Some, and these are the luckiest, “just know”.

As time passes by, we realize that dreaming was a privilege of youth. Filled with naivety and innocence, we believe in the impossible and conquering the unknown.

Then, we realize that growing up is a lot more complicated than just running off to a great wild adventure or slaying off dragons to rescue the princess. 

Sadly, it turns out that we cower at the sight of the dragon instead of slaying it. Every single day.

As time passes by, dreams tend to be buried under the piles of reality as it begins its ascent to the top. Then, you’ll realize you can’t get out anymore.

We realize that and forget. We forget and accept the truth of our reality. We accept and then realize, what have we done?

You may try to crawl, to dig your way out. I wish you luck and hope you’re one of the lucky ones to get out. Unscathed.  


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