A random thought from a Millennial

I was reading a news article online when a survey box popped up on the screen. 

“Do you think millennials have the ability to shape our future?”

My knee jerk response was a loud resounding NO! 

However, when given further consideration, it occurred to me that every generation has contributed to our future. It may either be for the good or the bad, but at the root of it, we all hold the key to shaping our future. At the rate we are going, millennials are shaping the future into something complacent, something that goes only one way without any innovation. Being content with the latest trends and without aspiring beyond imagination. Only following and never pushing forth anything new and challenging. 

We will be leaving a legacy of complacency and stagnation. 

We need a revolution; not in the typical sense. But revolution in our mindset and how we live our lives.


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