Behind every pretty face

Most of the time, I wear comfy clothes and rarely put on make up (but most people don’t know I am absolutely anal about skin care). Although, I am not opposed to wearing dresses and make up; occasionally I like to doll myself up whenever the mood hits. So, it comes as a surprise to me, whenever I decide to wear a pretty dress or wear make up, everyone around me says I look pretty and if I was looking for a suitor. “Do you have a boyfriend now?” “Is there someone you like?” “Are you dating someone now?”

I am surprised because, can’t a girl decide she wants to look pretty just because she wants to? Does looking pretty corelate to having a boyfriend? 

I don’t need a man in my life for me to start dressing up. 

I want to look pretty because being pretty makes me feel confident. And for a person who has self-esteem issues, confidence can do wonders.

I seriously hope men don’t assume that women only make themselves pretty in order to impress them because that is so far from the truth.


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