A mother’s love

*This drabble is fictional. Any similarities to real people, places and situations are merely coincidental. 

I’d like to share this story I thought of about a mother’s love. I think it is sweet although I do not agree with it completely. 

“A young man was the youngest son of a well-off family. He was handsome and popular, liked among his peers for his easy going personality. He went to elite privates schools along with his siblings yet he fell in with the bad crowd. He acquired vices; smoking, underage drinking and even drugs. He was often kicked out of different schools. He became the problem child of the family. He went in and out of rehabs and even had a brief stint in prison. 
Despite all the problems he had caused for his family, it was undeniable that he was still their mother’s favorite child. Their mother did everything in her power to make his life better and lead him to a brighter path. 

One day, his sister asked his mother, “Why is he still your favorite child?”

Their mother smiled, “He isn’t doing anything right. He has only caused problems for us. His life has no direction. If I, his mother, does not love him, who will?”

His sister understood but it was still hard to accept.”


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