Is virginity really that important? 

My home country, despite the advances in this time period, is still somewhat, well, very conservative in a few aspects. For example, even though women have a higher percentage of rights in this country, we are still partriarchal, whether it be in family, work or everyday normal society. Men still rule; most people in congress are men, most engineers and people in technology related fields are men. We are still segregating between what men and women are allowed to do and what they should do. 
There are times, and I’m terribly upset to admit this about my fellow countrymen, that they seem so uneducated; they just spout the most sexist and misogynistic stuff that I sometimes wonder if they really have brains or if they are just especially narrow-minded. The saddest part is that a good portion of those spouting nonsense are women as well. 

This thought occured to me when in a highly miscontrued conversation, I was tagged as someone who was not a virgin anymore. My knee-jerk reaction was to behemently deny the claims and plead how my words were misunderstood. A few hours later, I thought to myself, “Wait, what does it matter if I’m not a virgin anymore?” 

Before I go on any further, I’ll explain a few things. I’ve never had a romantic partner before be it male or female. My image to all my friends and acquaintances is this shy, innocent and naive child (I know this because they treat me like a bloody child all the time, coddling me like a baby, sometimes making cooing noises as well) and mostly because I don’t make small talk and keep quiet. My closest friends are the only ones who knows how deceiving my looks and initial personality are.  

Back on the topic at hand, I wondered why there a need for me to defend my virginity? Was I less of a woman of I wasn’t a virgin anymore? Did I shatter their idea of this immaculate version of me that they thought of on their own? It’s not my fault they jumped to conclusions about who I am. And why does being a virgin so important? As long as you are practicing safe sex, and doing it for reasons you think deem worthy, then why the hell not? 

If men engaged in pre-marital sex it is commended by their peers and not treated with disgust by women. Why can’t we all just let people do whatever they want (as long as its not doing any warm to anyone) and not judge them for it. 


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