I wonder: Pain and Happiness and its correlation

2 years ago, I fell down and used my knee to break my fall (and on a different day, I fell off my bicycle, using the same knee to break my fall). I never really took it seriously until it started giving me mild discomfort when I bend or walk or run. 
I put off going to the hospital until the very last minute (meaning 2 years later) because I was absolutely terrified of going to the doctors (be it medical doctors, dentists, clinics, any sort of medical facility I try to avoid as long as I can). 
Passing through to the orthopedic section, I saw a lot of patients going through physical therapy. I had wondered at the expressions of some of the patients. They kept shouting and whimpering in pain yet their facial expressions seemed happy; it was like they were smiling. That close eyed, teeth-showing type of smile, with the corner of their lips turned upwards.
I recalled an incident in my younger years of someone telling me that it didn’t look like I was in pain because I was smiling (a fact to this day has me checking my facial expressions on the mirror to see if I really look like I’m smiling even though everything hurts). Some friends (and acquaintances) even brought up how they kept on teasing me because I never looked bothered and they could not differentiate my smile to my grimace.
I wondered then, was there a thin line between pain and being happy? Is there a need to tether over the pain threshold just to acquire happiness? 
Did everything in life have to come in pairs; rich:poor, love:hate, happiness:pain?

Photo credits: http://sweetclipart.com/comedy-and-tragedy-masks-907


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