Here’s to more birthdays

“I don’t get birthday celebrations. Why celebrate one day in a year when you should be living life to the fullest everyday?” – me to myself when people pester me to celebrate my birthday 

My family (and most friends) greatly enjoy social gatherings and going outside to who knows where (although I do like adventures, I find myself yearning to do it on my own). They thrive in talking with other people and spending time together over food or drinks. It is a sad matter of fact that I am an introvert. I do not dislike people, but I’d rather be alone in my room to read, write or browse the internet. I don’t like small talk but do indulge in the occassional gossip. And I must say, I do not see the point of celebrating my birthday. If I were to be asked how I prefer to celebrate, all I can think of is a peaceful but pleasant afternoon lazing about in the house doing no chores and just able to sleep, eat and whatever might come to mind. Or maybe visit a museum (by myself as I did a week before my birthday last year).
Besides, I am sick and tired of people using my birthday as an excuse to party. It just saddens me that people come together to celebrate my date of birth yet they are the only ones enjoying themselves. 
Honestly, I’d rather seek adventure 364 days in a year than just limit it to one day celebrations on the day I was born.


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