Breaking News 

Whenever I travel, especially when ETA varies from 1-12 hours, I always listen to radiolab. It’s fun, informative and refreshing. My mind wanders a lot and I have trouble keeping still for long periods of time, and suprisingly, radiolab has this charm that makes me sit down and listen. It’s like listening to music with the added bonus that the mind is stimulated by its content. 

Today, I listened to the episode entitled: “Breaking News”. 

A brief summarization of the episode is that there is now technology that can manipulate audio and video to the point of altering a person’s pre recorded (or in real time) image. 

That is a very concise summary and wholly inadequate to encapsulate the awe-inspiring episode. 

But the gist of what I got is that Technology is inherently good but technology abused may lead to terrible consequences.  


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