Basic human right! Treat people with respect! 

Recently, I went out of town for business and rode on public transport. I had an unfortunate encounter with this older male who kept chatting me up and made lewd jokes. I decidedly ignored him and feared any sort of retaliation. He was bigger than me and could easily overpower me. 

Before anyone, stupid enough may I add, asks what I was wearing, I was in a t-shirt, jeans and varsity jacket. I was wearing sneakers and had my hair up in a ponytail. I was wearing any make-up. I looked like a high schooler running a few errands to the store and hadn’t enough time to doll up.

It made me feel unsafe and afraid. I got off before my stop.

Fast forward a few days and I hear of this incident regarding Taylor Swift: an allegation against her about defamation and someone groping her during a meet & greet.

I’m happy that she stepped up and is being very firm about what had been done to her. Not backing down and knowing she is not at fault. 

What makes this sad is that, Taylor Swift is a high profile celebrity. She needs to do this to become a representation to everyone that women do not need to cower in fear when stuff like this happens (and believe me it does happen). That women should have equal, and very basic human rights, to be treated with respect. 

But at the end of the day, she has been groped and felt violated by this stranger. She shouldn’t even have to be in court for this, because it should have never have happened in the first place. If people could just be decent and respectful towards everyone, things like this shouldn’t even happen, regardless of gender.

This happens to women, everyday, in all parts of the world and to see someone stand up to this gives me hope.

Kudos to Taylor Swift for braving this storm and I wish her luck, because I’m sure the paparazzi and everyone has something to say about this, whether it be positive or negative. 


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