English Proficiency exam

*this is just a rant

Jessie J said it’s not about the money, well my life is seriously proving her wrong! 😭

Where am I supposed to get $200 or £150 for an english proficiency exam?! Why is it so bloody expensive to prove that you know how to speak a different language? (Ok, so I do understand why they need to charge for this but I just can’t afford this!) 

Does money grow on trees?

Why can’t someone create a more accessible or cheaper means for stuff like this? I mean that’s not an amount you can just throw out into the air. 

With my salary (and luck), I can save up for this in 5 months! But I’m trying to apply to a University abroad so this is a requirement and I read online that if I don’t register for the exam til the end of August the price will only go up. And the application for the University I’m applying to starts on December. That’s not gonna cut it! 

Why is everything so expensive?! 

People keep badgering me about doing something with my life but whenever I try to do something hurdles like this appear! Does everything involve money?!


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