English Proficiency exam

*this is just a rant Jessie J said it’s not about the money, well my life is seriously proving her wrong! 😭 Where am I supposed to get $200 or £150 for an english proficiency exam?! Why is it so bloody expensive to prove that you know how to speak a different language? (Ok, so […]

Baby boomers & Millenials

“I want in 10 years to buy a house. I want to be able to support myself financially through whatever happens with the economy. At the same time, there’s so much fear of missing out. There’s so many beautiful things I want to do in life.” Watch the video below: baby boomers & millenials

Breaking News 

Whenever I travel, especially when ETA varies from 1-12 hours, I always listen to radiolab. It’s fun, informative and refreshing. My mind wanders a lot and I have trouble keeping still for long periods of time, and suprisingly, radiolab has this charm that makes me sit down and listen. It’s like listening to music with […]

Forever alone

I’m usually one to commit lies of ommission. I don’t tell the whole truth or sometimes I twist the truth to my advantage. But I avoid lying outright. To say something not real or made up to cover up the truth, yeah, well that’s just not me. And I try to live a lifestyle of […]

A melancholy afternoon

This narrative began yesterday afternoon. It was the usual, officemates messing around, making fun of each other and the likes.  Teasing makes me highly uncomfortable yet its a big part of society so I have this mindset where I just laugh when I’m unsure or feeling awkward. So, they were teasing one of our officemates […]


The moment my dog barked at me this morning I knew it would be a terrible day.  Terrible, not in the sense that some catastrophic calamity would befall me or the world. But terrible in a way that I’ll be feeling like a miserable human being. As if I’m not worthy of anything good in […]