Here’s to more birthdays

“I don’t get birthday celebrations. Why celebrate one day in a year when you should be living life to the fullest everyday?” – me to myself when people pester me to celebrate my birthday  My family (and most friends) greatly enjoy social gatherings and going outside to who knows where (although I do like adventures, […]

Is virginity really that important? 

My home country, despite the advances in this time period, is still somewhat, well, very conservative in a few aspects. For example, even though women have a higher percentage of rights in this country, we are still partriarchal, whether it be in family, work or everyday normal society. Men still rule; most people in congress […]

Hope is the last thing that dies

Ever since I was young, I have always felt constrained. It felt like I couldn’t do anything I wanted or learn anything new and interesting. I had to follow the status quo set by my parents, my teachers and my peers. I had to have good grades and be a model student but never exceed […]

A mother’s love

*This drabble is fictional. Any similarities to real people, places and situations are merely coincidental.  I’d like to share this story I thought of about a mother’s love. I think it is sweet although I do not agree with it completely.  “A young man was the youngest son of a well-off family. He was handsome […]

An apple and the rotten barrel

A person is merely a byproduct of their environment. If the environment is hostile, the person is shrouded by negative emotions. A person is malleable and can easily adapt other peoples bad habits. The saying a rotten apple spoils the barrel is also true inverse; if you put a fresh apple in with a barrel […]

Is it really too much to ask for a person who will look past all my flaws? For someone to wonder what I’m really shouting for when I lash out? For someone to see through all these masks I’ve put on? Maybe I really am a horrible person. No one understands and no one remembers.