Is it really too much to ask for a person who will look past all my flaws? For someone to wonder what I’m really shouting for when I lash out? For someone to see through all these masks I’ve put on? Maybe I really am a horrible person. No one understands and no one remembers. 

Behind every pretty face

Most of the time, I wear comfy clothes and rarely put on make up (but most people don’t know I am absolutely anal about skin care). Although, I am not opposed to wearing dresses and make up; occasionally I like to doll myself up whenever the mood hits. So, it comes as a surprise to […]

A random thought from a Millennial

I was reading a news article online when a survey box popped up on the screen.  “Do you think millennials have the ability to shape our future?” My knee jerk response was a loud resounding NO!  However, when given further consideration, it occurred to me that every generation has contributed to our future. It may […]

A Broken Kaleidoscope

Dreams are but an illusion. A mere fantasy we strive to reach but never will. If you’re a dreamer, reality will eat you alive, bury you in its deepest pits and let you wallow in darkness for the rest of eternity. There are very few exceptions that make it out, but quite certainly earned a […]

What photographs are for me..

I have over two thousand photos and videos on my phone. It’s a diverse collection of pictures (my family, my friends, pets and all sorts of things I find interesting). People might wonder what I do with them. I don’t really post much; out of all those pictures I probably post only 20-40 tops. Some […]

When anxiety strikes

It’s hard to be sad when you are aware that you shouldn’t be, you know that everything is in your mind but you just can’t get rid of that terrible feeling lurking in your heart. You know what’s wrong, know what should be done but then you really can’t stop your mind from thinking of […]